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Our company
Our dream
Our story

The most important information about Elemento, our past, our present, our future

Four milestones



Elemento Srl has been registered as an Italian innovative company

Pre-seed round

The first batch of Angel investments raised 171k€

Patent acceptance

Our patent got accepted as an Italian patent

Seed round

The second investment round reached 330k€

A revolution only needs a broadband connection!

We believe in our country.
We believe in our town, Cuneo.
We believe we have to do our best to make good things happen in the places that gave us the inspiration to create Elemento.

That's the reason why we based our HQ in Cuneo, one ocean away from the Silicon Valley, while having the ambition to change the World for the better.

After all we just need a good internet connection!

Our Team

Nothing would be possible without our Cloud superheroes 💛
Discover their background visiting their profiles and get in touch!

Gabriele Gaetano Fronzé

CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Ph.D. in Physics

Federica Legger

ALO - Academic Liaison Officer
Ph.D. in Physics

Ivano Menso

CPO - Chief Project Officer
Engineer & Project Manager

Filippo Valle

CTO - Chief Technical Officer
Ph.D. in Physics - ML and AI

Giulia Sannai

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
Musicologist & Communication Expert

Francesco Audisio

Developer Lead
Industrial Automation Expert

Martino Mogna

R&D Lead
Web Dev student & maker

Stefano Galfré

Business Analyst
Bocconi Master's Student

Giulia Borgoni

Business Analyst
PoliTo Master's Student