Upgrading Windows, your PC will restart several times. Sit back and relax.
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Get the Cloud

of your dreams.

Save big on your Cloud costs becoming free to pursue the best prices.

Get back to your premises whenever you need or broker between Cloud providers to seek better prices.

You can save up to 90% of your Cloud spending. Interested?

Tell me how!

Every Cloud you want

in a single place.

Our technology allows you to manage from a single place public and private Clouds with no effort.

Get the best Cloud for your needs, not the other way around.

Because IT is too important to accept compromises!

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The perfect Cloud

just got better.

Our technology enables unified Cloud governance and spending review.

This enables incredible observability and monitoring.

Are you ready to save money?

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Build today your

Cloud freedom.

Are you afraid of getting trapped in by a provider you don't trust?

Thanks to our Cloud interconnection you can switch between providers or get back on-prem.

Learn today the freedom of Elemento!

Discover our Network

Any Cloud you need

at your fingertips.

Our technology makes you able to reach any Cloud resource from any provider.

This means you can get the GPUs you seek to accelerate your AI model or the ARM CPUs that run your code so smoothly with no effort.

Whatever you need, from the Cloud, easily.

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Your computer.

As-a-service. Easily.

Unlock limitless potential, seamless scalability, and unparalleled convenience.

Get any OS virtualised on any hardware in a safe and easy way: get ready for any task in under 1 minute.

Stay on-prem or move to a Cloud provider with complete transparency!

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A Cloud like  no other  Cloud
A Cloud like any other Cloud

We connect together public and private Clouds to enable unseen portability and true Cloud freedom.

Thanks to our API-based virtualisation platform, we are able to let you get your code-defined-infrastructure ready for the multicloud paradigm in a few easy steps.

The world is too small for using only one provider!
Seamlessly leverage on multiple providers for added security
Mix and match: find anything you need to get the work done
Optimise Cloud spending, enabling opportunistic choices
A stack of cubes representing multiple cloud providers

Stay with your provider
as long as you like
Move to another provider
as soon as you want

If you run off one of the many providers compatible with Elemento,
you can keep using it via our technology.

You'll gain the freedom of moving away to follow a lower price
or to get specific resources your original Cloud might be missing.
A server farm connected to user devices streaming a personal computer over the internet

Will you still own a computer in 2042?

Experience the freedom of Cloud-based PC-as-a-Service, where technology adapts to your needs without the burden of ownership.

Unlock a new era of computing, leaving outdated hardware behind as you embrace the limitless possibilities of tomorrow.

Get your PC anywhere, on any connected device. Easily.
The TCO reduction a typical business can achieve moving to a PCaaS model
Seamlessly support workflows based on any Operating System: Linux, Windows and Macos (soon)

Your Cloud in a room will never be alone again ❤️

Running your own Cloud has incredible advantages if compared to legacy infrastructures.

In fact a private Cloud enables redundancy, high availability, failover policies and load optimisation.
All of that while having the option to stay on the intranet preserving complete functionality with loads of security.

However, running a private Cloud makes partial or full migrations to a public Cloud extremely hard and tedious.

That's why Elemento's technology renders your local Cloud completely compatible with any Cloud provider connected to our resource network.

Failover, offloading and bursting on public Clouds is as easy as switching the light on!
A stack of cubes representing multiple cloud providers

Have a look at
our CEO's pitch!

Any hardware you need. For real.

We have developed the best software-defined-hardware language.
That means you can use it to describe your preferred software's hardware requirements and easily deploy a fully compatible VM.

We support modern CPUs (x86 and ARM), ECC and not-ECC RAM, GPUs and we are adding a Software Defined Network layer.

Who said VMs should be less portable than containers?

Unrivalled GPU support

With Elemento you can use any GPU you like. No limitation included!

Best in class reliability

Thanks to our toolset, you can easily deploy VMs requiring error correcting memory.

Ready for a RISC future

We have partnered with leading ARM CPUs manufacturers to support a RISC future.

Full portability

Our VM configurations are incredibly portable. That means write once and use anywhere!
A pyramid stack of coloured cubes with computer hardware placed on top of each cube.

Our Team

Nothing would be possible without our Cloud superheroes 💛
Discover their background visiting their profiles and get in touch!

Gabriele Gaetano Fronzé

CEO - Chief Executive Officer
Ph.D. in Physics

Federica Legger

ALO - Academic Liaison Officer
Ph.D. in Physics

Ivano Menso

CPO - Chief Project Officer
Engineer & Project Manager

Filippo Valle

CTO - Chief Technical Officer
Ph.D. in Physics - ML and AI

Giulia Sannai

CMO - Chief Marketing Officer
Musicologist & Communication Expert

Francesco Audisio

Developer Lead
Industrial Automation Expert

Martino Mogna

R&D Lead
Web Dev student & maker

Stefano Galfré

Business Analyst
Bocconi Master's Student

Giulia Borgoni

Business Analyst
PoliTo Master's Student

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