All the Clouds
as a single Cloud.

Stay with your favorite Cloud as long as you like.

Move to another one as soon as you need.

Easily create a self-hosted Cloud interoperable
with public Clouds.
Optimize its costs exchanging computing power
with your peers.

Ready. Set. Cloud.


Will you still own a computer in 2042?

We do not think so! At Elemento we are persuaded the future of computers will be pay-as-you-go.
This huge revolution is taking place already and relies on one technology: THE CLOUD.

Cloud doesn’t only mean Dropbox and Google Drive. It is much more! Cloud means that your computer can be converted into a virtual workstation, accessible from any device through a simple internet connection.

We are making this revolution happen today using the best

Cloud technologies

Thanks to our software ecosystem, you’ll be able to create your tailored Local Cloud and managing it will be incredibly easy.

Additionally, evolving and improving your Cloud won't be a nightmare anymore!

Elemento live from CloudFest 2023!

The official AtomOS launch by our CEO Gabriele Fronzé!


Elemento, the Cloud’s SWIFT code

Elemento is to Cloud what the SWIFT code is to Banks..   

Have you ever wondered how wire transfers are possible?

Thanks to an amazing invention, moving money from one bank to another (even across countries) has become an established reality. This is called SWIFT code!

Our technology can move Cloud resources around the world with the same level of simplicity, allowing everyone to build the perfect Cloud while optimizing costs.

What can Elemento do for you:

Would you like to convert tens of hundreds of PCs into few redundant and optimized servers?

Thanks to AtomOS, our hypervisor, you can do this getting to -70% in TCO while improving security and resiliency.

Would you like to make your local servers interoperable with remote ones from any Cloud Provider?

AtomOS allows to do that from virtually any Cloud Provider, even with dynamic allocation!

Sometimes your servers are too slow or loaded and sometimes you feel like they are on for nothing?

With AtomOS you can offload tasks to the Cloud or resell your unused resources to your peers.

Stop being victim of lock-ins, start choosing.
Choose freedom!

Public? Private? Hybrid?



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