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Take off today to the world of Cloud freedom

We combine all the Clouds
to ensure Corporates and Scaleups
migrate and optimise their Clouds in a
faster, easier and cheaper way.

Show me how!
Your project deserves a better Cloud. We are building it.

One stop solution
to get to the Cloud, easily

We unify all Clouds into our disruptive universal Cloud platform
to let you follow the best prices, get the best features and
be able to move between public and private Clouds.

Cloud price brokering

Cloud interoperability lets you  migrate with no effort to obtain better prices. We can provide the best of the market.

Private Cloud
on steroids

We make your own severs seamlessly compatible with external public Clouds, to let you decide where to run.

Unified cost management

Thanks to our unified cost insight interface you'll never loose track of your Cloud spending again.

Boosting your journey to Cloud

Our technology together with our expert support can get you to Cloud in days instead of years.

Accomplish yours 80% faster with just 20% of investment

Journeys to Cloud.

Our unrivalled support for private Clouds makes your Journey incredibly optimised. Start migrating your applications from private servers to an Elemento private Cloud.

Thanks to our unified Cloud technology you'll be able to move tasks to public Clouds if and when needed.

One Cloud is never enough

Multi Cloud,
at your fingertips

Multi Cloud often implies uncontrolled cost increases due to the need for specialised experts for each provider.

Our revolutionary approach converts provider-specific languages into our universal one, ditching the need for provider-specific expertise.

That means you get at no addiitonal cost:

Enhanced infrastructural resiliency
Mix and match and best of breed
Cloud cost brokering

Many providers,
unlimited possibilities

Work in progess

Europe's leading provider of secure and scalable cloud infrastructure.

Google's suite of cloud services for innovative computing and data analytics.

High-performance European cloud provider offering virtual servers and storage solutions.

Work in progess

A European-based provider offering reliable cloud infrastructure solutions for businesses, including virtual servers and storage services.

Your servers become your Cloud

The only hypervisor aware of public Clouds

Private Cloud solutions always fell short when looking at their compatibility with hybrid deployments.

That's why we created the only hypervisor able to convert private servers in a private Cloud compatible by design with any other public Cloud.

Form follows function, always.

The most versatile Cloud at customers disposal

Success stories from our awesome customers

Elemento's Cloud technology is so versatile it can be employed for many different applications.

Our customers are businesses spanning from heavy industry to marketing companies, from public administration to manufacturing sector.

We even have a special startup program ideal for Cloud-native businesses. Get in touch to learn more.

Alessandra Rostagno

With Elemento we moved to Cloud in few days an infrastructure the others would have rejected from the get-go.
And that's just the begnning!

Innovation Manager

Marcopolo Spa
Giacomo Giacca

Thanks to Elemento we dramatically lowered our cloud spending by more than 80% while increasing performances.


Denise Lupani

Elemento's technology helped us working in a smarter way, knowing or data is safe and accesible, everywhere.


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