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Edge computing: insights from Gartner research

Edge computing is a revolutionary approach in enterprise IT architecture, offering new perspectives and opportunities. Following best practices, such as adopting a platform approach and positioning edge projects strategically, enables successful implementation and tangible benefits for businesses.

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation

July 12, 2023
Giulia Borgoni

Cloud automation is revolutionizing the IT landscape by allowing for the execution of complex tasks with minimal human intervention. It addresses the challenges posed by hybrid and multicloud environments, streamlining infrastructure management and enabling efficient resource allocation. With reduced errors and cost savings, cloud automation serves as a powerful catalyst for transformation, accelerating innovation and optimizing business operations.

The new cloud for cultural heritage: digital transformation serving safeguarding

The creation of a collaborative cloud by the European Commission for cultural heritage aims to revolutionize the preservation of cultural assets through digital transformation. This innovative initiative promotes transdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing, and artifact digitization among experts in the field. With a budget of 110 million euros, it paves the way for Europe to become a global leader in utilizing digital technologies, unlocking untapped potential and creating tangible value for the preservation of cultural heritage.

Elemento: guiding sustainable innovation and quality education

We are driving sustainable innovation and quality education. We prioritize excellence in education, promote clean and affordable energy, foster enterprise and infrastructure sustainability, support sustainable cities and communities, and advocate responsible consumption and production. Our commitment to these principles shapes our vision for a better, more sustainable future.