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Our Unified Control Plane for private and public Clouds

Electros is the desktop and mobile App that lets you
deploy, manage, use and dispose your VMs on any Cloud.
It provides both a CLI and a WebUI and allows for modular implementation of new interfaces to enable white labelling.

Control your Cloud
from any device,
it's free

Electros enables seamless observability on multi- and hybrid- Cloud deployments based on Elemento's technology.

Configure, deploy and manage your VMs with few commands.
Monitor your on-prem hosts and the instant spending from VMs allocated on Cloud providers.
Currently supported Cloud providers (and counting)
ElectrOS runs on any desktop OS (Linux, Windows and MacOS)

Download Electros now!

CLI and requirements

Python version greater than 3.7 is required. Python 3.9 recommended.

The CLI comes as a Python package. Install it via:

python3 -m pip install elemento-cli

Download the application package and drag the ElectrOS icon to your Applications folder.
When launched it will trigger the installation of all the needed services.

For ARM Macs (M1+):
SHA256: 14f5cdf33597c02ae1eff75c41458e62c9ee544ff6e896606365c7cb24cd8309

For Intel Macs:
SHA256: 4f6d298578580f763fed4afcc67e0c92d5a3baa9a45f8604e56a215aa257d9b4


Install the linux package with your favourite package manager.
When launched it will trigger the installation of all the needed services.

For x86 64bit (Debian-like):
MD5: 4c23f537ebb92b12952c8e44a04ed7a4
SHA: 71d682bff85ce7dba152770b1ea0e527453b64a4

For ARM (Debian-like):
SHA: 5b01a8b9ecd9e1aa986950e741d10ec25d423fb4ded133d1d8c38bb19fed3048


Download the installer and follow the installation steps.
When launched it will trigger the installation of all the needed services.

Download link:
SHA256: 1c5b96dbf3d7a9c29a7175164c3de172def55988f6ff2abc23a4f421b854ece0

Anything you want
at your fingertips

Electros gives you access to millions of computers worldwide.

This means you can find anything, from a beefy server with several hundreds CPU cores to an AI powerhouse full of GPUs.

And if you need something even more exotic you can get it on-prem and use it with the same interface.

Learn more watching this tutorial by our CTO

Connect to any VM with a single click
(or touch)

Electros is the only tool you'll ever need to get the work done.

It is built to support VDI, to connect to AtomOS server-side VM streaming.
We packed all the most used and reliable remote connection protocols, such as SSH, VNC and RDP, directly into ElectrOS.

And we are even working into something able to provide 4K at 60fps... Don't tell anyone! 🤫
Terminal access via SSH on Linux and MacOS
VNC as soon as the virtual BIOS boots
VNC and RDP support for graphical connections

Are you a real nerd?
No worries, anyway

We have built Eletros with a refined UX in mind and we discovered
no UI can satisfy everyone preferences.

That's why Electros comes equipped with both a Command Line Interface (CLI) and a GUI which are completely equivalent.

If you prefer working from the shell you'll be delighted with the former, while the GUI is aimed towards more basic users.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Electros work?

Running Electros requires executing three system services (or daemons) on your machine. Once the services are running you can fire up our GUI app or use our CLI directly from the terminal.

Does Electros run on my portable devices?

Electros currently supports any desktop operating system.
We will release Android and iOS version later this year!

Can you host my Electros?

We are working on providing a user portal which optionally runs Electros within. We still need some testing to make sure everything runs fine!

Should I choose between CLI or GUI?

You haven't to take a choice!
Thanks to the whole logic behind Electros being implemented at the system services (or daemons) level, the GUI and CLI are just interfaces to show the data retrieved by the daemons.
You can even mix the usage of CLI and GUI without even bothering about being authenticated in either of the two.

Are Electros remote connection options always available?

It depends on what the guest Operating System supports.
As an example, a Windows guest won't support SSH and a MacOS guest won't support RDP. We are working on a new protocol which will enable greater compatibility. Stay tuned!