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The API gateway which connects existing Clouds to Elemento

Thanks to MesOS, we are able to map existing
CSP-specific APIs into Elemento's ones.

This means we can connect Public Clouds (and non-Elemento on-prem ones) to our ecosystem with no effort.
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We master all APIs so that you only have to learn just

MesOS is an API gateway meant to map provider-specific APIs into Elemento’s open source one.
Have a look at those we support already!
Elemento Hypercloud Pool

Any provider,
the best discounts

We apply the standard provider pricing
and apply the best volume discounts
Nothing more than base pricing
Resource allocation within 1m
Unlimited multicloud enforcing
Automatic volume discounts
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Your account, our technology

Any provider,
your own billing

Use your own billing account while getting the complete Elemento experience
A private MesOS for your company
Connected using your account
Retain complete observability
Compatible with free credits
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to rule them all

Thanks to MesOS you get the freedom of moving between providers to follow lower prices or to get the best of each one.
We just apply an allocation fee between 5% and 10% to the best price offered by the provider.
The additional percent fee we apply to the prices suggested by the provider
We currently support two Cloud providers and plan on adding 2 more each month
A set of cubes overlapping
A sysadmin monitoring a cloud deployment on a huge display

A single control panel

The providers connected through MesOS are directly available on our App ElectrOS.
That means you can allocate your VMs on any Cloud Provider easily comparing the prices via our refined interfaces.

Forget about hours and hours spent looking for the best prices and start a new era of cost optimisation!
Complete governance
Your entire IaaS under complete control
Cost optimisation
Measure costs and clearly compare Cloud pricing

We mind letting
you choose

Elemento handles running MesOS instances in front of any provider we support.

Such instances are shared among the entire Elemento network and store no data except for the few information needed for registering the transaction for billing purposes.

If you want to use MesOS with your own Cloud credentials, in order to get deeper control on your deployment, we can set up a private instance for you on-prem or on-cloud with a SaaS pricing model.

In this case you won’t pay allocation fees to Elemento!
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Multiple different high tech devices resembling servers connected to a central exchange point

Are you a CSP?
Take part now!

If you are a provider, we offer total collaboration in guiding you through the process of developing and running your own MesOS flavour.

By doing so you’ll be able to control the fees and offer better pricing.

Take a look to our open source API documentation!
We might decide to connect you before you do.
Don’t lose that opportunity!
We keep on connecting new Cloud Providers via MesOS
Create your own MesOS flavour to get commercial advantages